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About Us

Socrates is a member’s only, exclusive software-as-a-service platform providing access to charts, potential trends and unique perspective intended to educate users on the impact of capital flows, political events and cyclical patterns have on global economies and financial markets. Using proprietary models and an extensive monetary database, users have access to unique indicators and analysis to better inform their decisions and thought processes.

Socrates utilizes the Economic Confidence Model (ECM) from Armstrong Economics, sometimes referred to as the Pi Cycle, focusing on the global concentration of capital to provide a timeframe for shifts in confidence that lead to major economic events. The ECM should not be used to forecast a single market since each market has its own cycle (see: forecast arrays), but if a market lines up with the ECM then it is an indication of a potential boom or bust. Future market movement can be projected once timing, pricing, and pattern recognition are identified. Here are three key proprietary elements:

  1. Time: Forecast Arrays — provide a potential timeframe for ideal highs or lows as well as important changes in trends and volatility.
  2. Price: Reversals — In every market, there is a point, if crossed, that marks the beginning of a change in trend. Reversals define the trend in place, and when elected, they provide precise trading targets that manifest into buy or sell signals.
  3. Pattern Recognition: Global Market Watch (GMW) – provides an objective computer analysis of leading world markets by identifying patterns in technical price movement. This model is designed to provide an overview of general market trends.

Socrates offers varying levels of membership to cater to different users, ranging from individuals seeking to be better informed, to active investors, traders and institutions looking to supplement their decision making. When you sign up to register an account, you will be provided with the different options available at that time.

For the sake of clarity, Socrates is not a trading platform, and we do not offer brokerage services. AE Global Solutions, Inc. (owner of Socrates, and Armstrong Economics) is not a financial services firm – we do not provide individual investment or trading advice, nor do we offer money management services. The information provided on Socrates and Armstrong Economics is made available “as is”, without warranty, and for educational purposes only. Please read our Disclaimer, and our Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.