Description of Standard Membership Level

Standard Level Membership Details:

This entry level membership is targeted to the general public, those looking to roll up their sleeves and stay informed on global, macroeconomic considerations. Standard Membership costs only $14.99/mo, and includes access to the following:

  • Private blog posts
  • Foreign exchange heat map
  • Customizable Watchlist feature is included
  • Nearly 500 Covered Markets included (see full list for this membership here)
    • Also provides access to our monthly Global Market Watch trend
  • 25 Market Subscriptions included with the membership (see the list here)
    • Provides access to our “Summary Analysis” text, along with quarterly and yearly Global Market Watch trends
    • Members can subscribe to any of the remaining 475 Covered Markets at any time during their membership (optional)
    • No Market Access Credits are included as part of this membership, but they are available for purchase (optional)
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