Socrates Voice Disable - Mar 2, 2016
We have disabled the text to speech features for Socrates. There are issues with the TTS provider that we are in the process of correcting.
Socrates Update - Mar. 9, 2016
Several updates were published to the site this morning. A release note will be released later today describing the changes. Click here to view the release note.

Socrates Open to the Public

Socrate's Investor Level, which provides a broad objective overview of hundreds of markets, is open to the public. Click here to register.

Socrates Features

Global Market Watch

Provide an objective computer analysis of all leading world markets based upon technical price movement manifested through pattern recognition.


Provides a snapshot view of the current price level, pattern recognition models and trend indicators.

Forecast Array

Provides a graphical representation of hundreds of AI models, which analyze different aspects of the market. This model allows you to determine when turning points will take place.

Reversal System

This system provides precise trading targets. When the reversal points are elected, they provide a buy or sell signal for the investor.

Energy Study

The study indicates the amount of energy a market currently has. The model is useful for identify turning points.

Immediate Trends

Shows the immediate trends for any data point on the chart. Useful for determining past trends in order to indentify them in the future.

Technical Chart

Socrates draws technical channels & for each market on every time level.

Markets in Various Currencies

View the market in various currencies.

Relative Close Study

This study indicates where the market closed relative to the center point.

Overnight Volatility Study

Displays the market's voltatility from the previous close to the current open.

Closing Volatility Study

Displays the market's voltatility from the previous close to the current close.

Intraday Volatility Study

Displays the market's voltatility from the low to high.

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