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Platform Features
Research hundreds of global markets

The Socrates Platform covers top indices, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, bonds, and foreign exchange / currencies from around the world (our "Covered Markets"). Each night our system integrates end-of-day data to generate insights across our entire list of Covered Markets (see full list here).

Unique proprietary models at your fingertips

Our Global Market Watch (pattern-recognition), Forecast Arrays (time, trend and volatility considerations) and Reversal System (pricing pressure point considerations) are available to help analyze market behavior and potential opportunities. (access to certain information may be limited by membership level and/or individual market subscription; compare membership packages)

A.I. generated text analysis offers unbiased insights, at scale

Each night our artificial intelligence engine produces unique text analysis for each Covered Market. Members can unlock this by adding a recurring "Market Subscription" or a one-time "Snapshot Report" to your account. We've simplified our text analysis into three versions: Summary Analysis, Detailed Analysis and Premium Analysis.

Each membership package includes a pre-defined list of Market Subscriptions as part of the monthly membership fee, but members can add at any time (fees apply; read our FAQ's)

Access our Private Blog commentary

Musings regarding market activity, patterns and possible trends our models are picking up on. (access to certain blog posts may be limited by membership level)

Customize your "Watchlist"

Member-defined list of Covered Markets on the Socrates Platform to keep top of mind for research.

Click Here to see the different available membership packages or Click Here Now To Register a New Account
Armstrong Economics Blog

Due to the high demand from our initial launch, we have undertaken a project to update our service to accommodate our global audience (new servers, payments systems, data providers, etc). This will better enable us to release additional membership levels, offering more insights. While this won’t all take place at once (it is a big endeavor), members can still access their account. We appreciate the enthusiasm and patience of our followers while we work on these exciting updates!

Important Note

Ask-Socrates platform is not an individualized trading advisory service, nor is it a brokerage or money management service. This is a simply an innovative, proprietary research and information system to help broaden perspective, intended to be a supplement to other tools and information members can use to fit their needs. To learn more, please read out Terms and Conditions of Use carefully.