Frequently Asked Questions

Current Socrates is only available via an invitation. In order to request an invitation navigate to the homepage and enter your email address in the "Invitation Request" box.

Once you receive an invitation via, a link will direct you to the registration page.

The cost of opening an account depends on the profile and subscriptions that you choose. The "Investor" profile will give the lowest cost option, which can be opened for as little as $150. The "Position Trader" profile can be opened for as little as $750.

  1. You must be a registered user and you must be logged in to access your Watchlist.
  2. You may set up your Watchlist to follow many publicly traded instruments. However, Socrates does not follow minor exchanges, OTC, options, penny stocks or mini futures contracts. Therefore you are limited to the markets that Socrates analyzes.
  3. Access the Manage Watchlist page from the Dropdown menu (My Account / My Watchlist) or from the cog icon in the top right corner of the Watchlist module on the Homepage.
  4. Place your cursor into the "Add to Watchlist" text box.
    • Type the symbol or market name.
    • Select the market from the dropdown menu.
    • Click on the green "+" sign.

Socrates compiles the data for the various time-levels on the following schedule:

  • Daily - The data for the daily analysis is compiled at the end of each business day (Monday through Friday).
  • Weekly - The data for the weekly analysis is compiled at the end of week on Friday.
  • Monthly - The data for the monthly analysis is compiled at the end of month. If the end of the month falls on the weekend, then the data will be compiled on that Friday.

The update process follows the following workflow:

  1. (7pm EST) Price data (on a closed basis) is imported from their various data sources and pulled into our staging environment.
  2. (9pm EST) The price data is process and analysed by Socrates.
  3. (10pm EST) The analysis is imported into the web application
**Times are rough estimations.

You may purchase an analysis for any market that you find on the site, using any of the following means:

  • Click on the name of any market in your Watchlist.
  • Click on the name of any market listed in various sections of the Global Market Watch.
  • Enter any market in the Search box, click enter, and then click on the "Get Detailed Analysis" link under the search result.
  • Each time you click on one of these, you will be asked to confirm your intent to purchase the Analysis before the purchase goes through.

If you cannot find the instrument you seek, then please submit it to us for possible inclusion via the contact page.

  1. Please provide all of the following information about the instrument that you are requesting that we add:
    • Full Name
    • Symbol
    • Type (future, forex, equity, ETF, etc)
    • Exchange
  2. We will consider your submission and decide whether to include the instrument based on our criteria and general interest.

If you have purchased the analysis with PEI Credits, it will be available ONLY until Socrates updates the analysis. After Socrate's updates the analysis then you will be able to access the analysis from your My Products page. If you have purchased a market analysis subscription then the analysis will be available until the subcription expires.

Socrates addresses different audiences with varying levels of trading and investment experitise. The different profiles drive the prices of the analysis and the level of detail that is provided. The "Investor" profile provides summary information at a lower price point, while the "Position Trader" provides much more detailed information at a higher price point.

You are an Investor if you:

  • Invest several times a year
  • Invest for long-term periods (1+ year)
  • Have a general knowledge of the markets

You are a Position Trader if you:

  • Invest several times a quarter or
  • Invest for short periods of time or
  • Have an intimate knowledge of the markets or
  • A significant portion of your income is derived from your investments

To obtain a refund you must contact us by either e-mail or by telephone. Please ensure that you have the Order ID as well as your e-mail address linked to your account. Please note that all refunds will be made to the original mode of payment.